Friday, July 20, 2012

What Is There To Say?

Interestingly enough, blogs are still alive and well.  Although, mine has laid dormant for some time, it seems bloggers out there are ever active, immortalizing their thoughts.  There are very few blogs I read.  Even the blogs of some of my very best friends elude my eyes.  Mostly it is because I fear I will read nothing new.  And then I come to the sort of blog that is written by someone whose theology/philosophy I don't agree with at all and, subsequently, I find myself plunging to the depths of despair at the havoc the writer is reeking.  It seems that everyone is fighting for something and the biggest something people are fighting for is to be heard.  Please understand, this is not a judgment on writers and/or bloggers.  I just wonder...what is there still to say?  And why are we saying it?  I may sound like a bit of a cynic.  Maybe I am.  I will continue to write and I'm sure my fellow bloggers/writers will as well.  I just hope we can generate something that is worth reading and worth the time we took to write it.  Otherwise it is just a useless ploy in hopes of becoming more than we are; lowly servants made citizens of a kingdom in which the only qualifications for membership are suffering and death.

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