Sunday, September 11, 2011

Let's Grieve Together

As I reflect along with the rest of America on 9/11 it still all seems so surreal.  The twin towers in Manhattan are no longer there.  Planes crashed into them.  They came toppling down.  3,000 innocent people were killed.  They jumped out of windows, were burned alive or were crushed to death.  Those who mobilized on the ground first rushed to the scene, risking and many losing their lives.  Remains of 1100 victims were never found.  Those families have no where to go to remember a life was lived and then ended.  The freedom tower and memorial in downtown Manhattan will hopefully be that place for many of those families.

This is not a day to talk about our politic and what we should or shouldn't do in terms of war.  It isn't a day to talk about the administration of our country.  It is not a day we should be making mention of Al Qaeda or the presence of mosques at ground zero.  It isn't even a day to talk of our fight for freedom.  It is simply a profound moment and day to remember those who died so tragically and unknowingly.  It is a day to extend hands and prayers in oneness as we do our best to grieve the loss of life that was experienced a decade ago.  Anger we may feel.  Hopefully not hate.  Maybe we feel the depravity of the world.  But let's try and grieve.  Let's silence our foolish tongues from political rhetoric and vindication.  It isn't about that today.  Let's be sad.  We have good reason to.  Maybe the sadness will change us.  Maybe we will be motivated to live out the hope we are all so desperately seeking.  If we aren't careful we will not only feel the sadness of America on this day, but we will feel the sadness of the world as she groans for redemption; to be made new.  For families who have senselessly lost loved ones all over the world throughout space and time in the name of 'peace,' 'freedom' and 'justice.'  Let's be sad.  Maybe something somewhere will be made new.  In Jesus name.

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