Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Community the beginning

For those of you who may not know, my husband and I are now living in community with our good friends Luke and Janelle Frederick.  It all started a bit over three years ago when Janelle and I first learned of Shane Claiborne and 'The Simple Way.'  We thought it was the most peculiar, most revolutionary thing we had ever heard of.  We never imagined that less than four years later we would be living together as married couples as a result of the inspired moments we shared that very fateful evening.  Throughout the last few years we dreamed with our spouses what it would be like to forsake the traditional life of house, stuff and more stuff.  Well if you have read my last few blog posts you know that this year we decided to make that dream a reality.  So here we are.  Two and a half weeks into community.  People keep asking how it is going.  All we can really say is, just fine.  We haven't lived together for very long, but so far we have sat around a dinner table about 4 nights a week, had a beautiful meal and talked about our lives and our days.  Janelle and I take weekly grocery trips as we do our best to buy food that all four of us will eat and enjoy.  All food that is bought it bought communally.    It is an interesting thing to share grocery money.  A good kind of interesting.  It is actually really refreshing.  This being the very beginning, we are still in the process of decorating.  The greatest thing about the decor in our home is that it is a complete marriage and overlap of the things both couples own.  We enjoy rooms where both couples are equally represented.  These things might sound surface and superficial, eating and decorating, but they actually represent much more.  A life shared with all things done with the community in mind.  Yet somehow we all feel comfortable and welcome in this home, in our home.  For all who might be interested and intrigued...thanks for reading.


Erica said...

Maria, what an intriguing step of faith to join together with another couple within your community and learn what it means to really live "shared life" with one another. I just recently moved in with 6 other girls (one house!) who are apart of my community and God is emphasizing the same thing. We share all groceries, household items, cook meals together... everything we own is each others. Independence is diminished and we are able to stand together with unified hearts, not allowing the "materialistic ownership" ideas of this world or money come between our shared way of life. If everything belongs to God anyways, than the Kingdom should reflect that on all levels- even in a very tangible way, right? I am curious to hear how it goes in the future! :) Erica Wagenman

Anonymous said...

I was just reading this....hebrews 13:16 make sure you don't take things for granted and go slack in working for the common good, share what you have with others.

Your boldness in following Christ is inspiring. :)
Anne Kierce

Jill Tomala said...

Loved reading your blog! Can't wait to visit with you:)

Maria Francesca French said...

Erica, thanks for you post. That all sounds amazing and very similar to what we are trying to do here. I can't wait to hear more! Anne, thanks for stopping by and encouraging me! You're amazing! Jill-so excited to meet up! Thanks for reading! It is really cool to have other people along for the ride!