Sunday, January 4, 2009

Remembering Him at Midnight

New Year's Eve has become a bit tired for me at this point in my life. I don't so much like going out because of all the crowds. I don't so much like driving at night because of all the intoxicated people that could potentially be on the road. I will just as soon stay home and have a sweet time with friends and family which is exactly what Matt and I did this year. In the picture the couple to your top right is Luke and Janelle Frederick and the couple next to them is Mark and Ruth Chaplin. Both of which are the dearest of friends to Matt and I. They are truly like family and there isn't anything we wouldn't do for them. Mark and Ruth have been like spiritual parents to us and this was going to be their last night in Minneapolis. The next day they would leave for Spearfish, South Dakota to accept a Senior Pastor position. Throughout the night we ate really great food, had excellent conversation, listened to fabulous big band and swing courtesy of Pandora Radio and just enjoyed time with extradorinary people. Good friends are quite hard to come by and Matt and I are so blessed to have a life filled with people that we can see Jesus in. When midnight roled around I had planned to turn the TV on so we could all watch the ball drop (even though it would just be a replay of what happened an hour earlier in NYC) and toast eachother and the new year. It was about 11:50pm. I hurried to the kitchen to fill up wine glasses with sparkling cider and it hit me. Why don't we have communion? We are with good friends that are part of our life and we are saying goodbye and sending off 2 very special friends. Why not remember Jesus and what was done for us? I filled up the glasses and broke pieces of bread and put it all on a tray as I went back to where everyone was. They looked at me like they knew what I was going to say. I told them that I just got the idea to have communion and everyone agreed that we should. Who wanted to watch a silly old ball drop anyways? I asked Mark if he would lead us in communion. He talked about the importance of friends and community. He talked about remembering Jesus as we are to do when we come together. We prayed and thanked our God for all He has done for us and for our friendships. We honored and praised God for the sacrifice of Jesus. Nothing super formal. Just a conversation between friends about our God and our Lord. It was wonderful. In Luke chapter 22 Jesus tells His disciples to remember Him whenever they get together. I wish I remembered Him more. I wish I spoke of Him more. New Year's eve may become tired and a lot of things may seem old and dull after a while, but my desparate prayer is that the cross and what was done the 33rd year in the life of Jesus of Nazareth would never be tired, but new and renewed again and again.


Lindsay said...

Great post Maria! Sounds like you really had a meaningful new years eve. Hope you are doing well!

Lauren Kelly said...

Once again Maria, well said and you bless my socks off once more!!! Although I shouldn't be surprised :) You're a blessing!!! :)

cathy french said...

Such a beautiful way to remember and enjoy what the Lord has done and is still doing in our lives. You are such a blessing to our family. Love, Mom Cathy