Tuesday, October 7, 2008


My friend Tokunbo and I were out together in Uptown last week. We went to see the movie,
"The Duchess" at the Landmark Theater. I just love that place. It is so old and vintage! Anyway, after the movie we just had to stop in Heartbreakers across the street and of course I just had to purchase this beautiful fall jacket that I saw. I couldn't help it. It called to me. We quickly left the store and were crossing over Hennepin on Lake to walk back to my car. On our way across the busy uptown avenue, a kind, older gentleman complemented me on my boots and jeans. He stated how the length of the jean was perfect for the boot. (they were cropped so they really showed off the boot) He proceeded to ask me where I was from. When I answered New York, he thought that it was obvious given my interest in fashion. ;) The next obvious question is..."so how did you get to Minnesota from New York?" We were walking and talking and then stopped in front of my car and chatted for about another half hour or so. Whenever anyone asks me how I got from New York to Minnesota it is the immediate entry of my faith into the conversation. So Edward, Tokunbo and I immediately start talking about God, the world and the Church. It was an amazing moment because Edward communicated to us how he has basically spent his whole life searching. He has been in and out of different churches, but it has been difficult because of the fact he is gay. He said that he now goes to a church over on the U of M campus, however, he asked me about my church. I told him about Corner Church in downtown in the warehouse district. I have been going there for 3 years, ever since their first meeting really. I invited him and he was very interested in going. Yet, before Edward completely jumped on board he cautiously asked me, "But do they let gay people come?" The question broke my heart. Tears well up even as I re live his voice saying those words in my mind. What have we really, truly done? Jesus accepted everybody and loved everyone. Why do we create so many hoops for people to jump through...so many conditions?! Someone has trained Edward for a very long time to ask that question of us Christians. "Will I be accepted?" Why???!!! We had one command from Christ! ONE! LOVE ONE ANOTHER! How have we botched that one up?! I don't get it. Check out John 13:34-35. They will know we are His disciples by our...LOVE! What an incredible paradox. People are now knowing us by our disdain and intolerance. How scary. Honestly and truly. If we aren't sure how this love thing is supposed to go...1 Corinthians 13. It is all there. All that love is...and all that it is not. I think we have the "is not" part down. I gave Edward my card that night...on it was my email and blog. Edward if you are reading this...I hope to see you soon. You are loved, thought of and prayed for. Thank you for inspiring my writing tonight.


Anonymous said...

someone get this girl a publisher!!

Amy Zellmer said...

Maria, this post is fantastic!! And that image is perfect! I know you and I have had "religious" talks and you know how I feel, so this post really sparked something in me!

Amy Zellmer said...

hey maria,
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