Monday, January 21, 2008

An Introduction: Story Theology

As stated in my last blog, I write unapologetically. I, by no means, wish to offend and will not be crass or rude. However, if you feel I might be too ____ (you fill in the blank), then please give me the benefit of the doubt and know it is not my intention. One thing I will say about my writing is that it is honest. By no means is it without error, for it has human fingerprints all over it. My hope is that my story would connect with your story and that at some level, transformation would take place. Don’t let the fancy word in the title fool you. This is in no way, shape or form a theological brief. It is simply a story through which I have been transformed.
Story is such an amazing thing. The Bible is filled with them from cover to cover. In fact, the Word of God is one, great narrative. As the movie title states, it is “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” It is the beautiful story of redemption. I love that word redemption! God is so committed to the rescue and recovery of His creation. Always has been, always will be. Lucky for us, huh?
I have been transformed by that story. As a result, my story won’t ever be the same again! I encounter stories everyday that change and affect my story and reality. We just can’t escape the fact that stories are everywhere. From God’s, to mine, to yours. Stories enact on and change our realities more than we’d like to admit.
We bring all that we are to the table every time. Our past, our experiences, our passions, our curiosities, our pains, our joys, our traditions-in other words, our…stories (if you haven’t figured it out by now that is going to be the money word, hence the name of my blog)!
What you are (hopefully) about to read in my blog are simply realities that have been changed and as a result, shaped my theology (which is a never ending process mind you). Ew! There’s that word again, Theology! Not to fear! This word is much more user friendly than it appears! Now before you think I’m going to get all fancy and scholarly on you, I am going to do no such thing, so don’t tune out or stop reading. Theos=God and Logos=Word (in Greek). Most would simply say theology is the study of God. For me, theology is what we know of God and what we make of it. Simple enough right? I’m here to tell you that theology is not just for the theologian anymore. It’s a shame it ever was. Studying God is for everyone! How is God moving in the world? What do we know of God from His History? How does He feel about us? How do we feel about Him? What do we make of it all?
I am committed to keep my blogs reader friendly and that means relatively short. But in the next few blogs to come I am going to be writing about postmodernism and what that means. A whole generation has been defined by that word and so few of us understand it. Let’s unpack and talk about what it means for us and our spirituality. However, I did want to write more on this idea of story, because as you will see it is the premise for how I believe and why I believe. Looking forward to seeing you again…same time, same place.


Gina "the bestter and taller sister" said...

Um...excuse me, but rereading your bulk email about your "Storied" blog..I was expecting and I quote,"words written in black and white."

Now, we have quite the dilema here... b/c as I approach your so called black and white words I discover that they are not black and white words at all but a rather lovely brown/gold color.

What do you have to say about that? Explain yourself...

Amy Zellmer said...

Miss Maria, you're supposed to update these things once in a while!!